This rootless city


The withered leaves mutter a lullaby

To the pavements dressed in blazing red

People, while praising beauty

Unmindfully crush autumn under their steps



Melancholy is randomly burning in two eyes

One of mine

The other one, is also of mine



City lights are stars, they don’t sleep

They gaze at anyone, yet take notice of no one

Anyhow, my gentle bud, I believe your bed-time story

You saw them weep

In the rain

With the rain







I’ve discovered the comfort of being anonymous

And blending myself into the so-called modern life’s emptiness

Clearing myself of love or hate for people, of any race or sex

I don’t care if they care about me

I don’t care if everything about me they’ll forget

I’ve just passed by the pale grey sky of this city

Like a transparent leaf



Isn’t this city made of glass?

When you accidentally drop your invisible tears upon its ground

It would be broken, literally, into a thousand shards

Each reflects a different shade of you.

What are you looking for?