Out of a number of sperm cells, I emerge winner

As I long for your constant warmth and shelter

My hope’s built on beholding my beautiful pillar


Soon momma you’ll come to the realization of my existence within

My little vulnerable features will be seen

As I solely depend on your haven


In your uterus filled with comfort and warmth, I’ll be flourished

With your food I will be constantly nourished

And will not be impoverished


But momma, the clock ticks slowly

Yet time goes swiftly

As I await your choice patiently


Will you love to hear my first cry?

Will you love to see my first smile?

Or would you love it if I die?


Will you let me thrive and glow?

Or will you watch my blood flow?

And let me go


I’m sorry if I’ve put you in a tight corner

Tick tock… your choice momma


© Victory Ben

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