Tin Man

If I were a tin man,

I’d set to rust from the tears I’ve cried.

If I were a tin man

I’d have laid my life down by your side.

If I were a tin man

Life would be oiled by the love I hide.

If I were a tin man

Fire logs would burn warm your eventide.

If I were a tin man

All these things, I’d have clocked for my bride.


But if I, as a tin man, ever doubted your truths,

The glint your eyes danced,

The shape your words breathed,

The tone your voice relieved,

Would it be sinful to wonder if I have a heart?

        To question life’s intentions?

        To search stars’ dreams?

        To challenge God’s touch?

Why does any living thing ask for reasons?


If only I were a tin man.

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