To a Father Dead

O! Father dead and departed, fly me your strength,
For your son’s head lies bowed, his back broken.
Fly me your strength for I need to fight till I die,
And death will not be easy as my life isn’t.
Guide me like a star
For I have heard that you became a star.
Give me light and warmth once again,
Rub your stubble on my soft cheeks to tickle me once more.
Let me hold your big belly again
As I rode pillion on your rickety scooter.
O! Father, fly me your smile
Help me walk through this infernal mile.
O! Send me your love somehow
For like always I need it now.
You told me I was your favourite child
So was it for this that you loved me for so little a while.
Take away my strength, if I have any.
Make me small again, so that I snuggle to you
As I did in the winter mornings nay-saying to school.
O! Father you made me grow up too soon.
I am not old enough for these responsibilities to shoulder
For I am a tiny pebble and the world hammers me so reckoning me to be a boulder.
O! Save me father as you did from Ma’s wrath.
I held your finger and learned to walk
I fall now, I shake, I tremble won’t you help me now?
O! Father no more, O! Father in heaven come to my aid
My friends have not yet of my peril known
And my enemies’ numbers are unknown.
Somebody stabs, somebody clubs and somebody pulls me down.
O! Father forgotten hear my verse, if you can
Either wake me up from this nightmare
Or let me sleep forever!

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