To a poet

It sheds to Subway, It lives within us,
It lies beside us, We need to embrace a new wing.
It’s a flag of honor, Evil takes one side of you
The love of a poet bends to subdue you
The melody seeks for your attention.
It’s your sight to creativity, Smile when you pose.
It sticks a good memory in and It sets you amaze,
The settings of a life time! My cycles of grief,
My differences alone
My world connected
“The best of my life”

Fake profile doesn’t suit a real poet,
It can identify the human form in you;
It pays your friendship off,
Love your relationship to age,
You perform, your growth ungrown.
Your silence seized your peace charming
I hear siren from the neighborhood
To a cage, Alice screamed!
You lead me away to violence,
To mercy and pity, I completely agree
My month, yes! It’s caught in sorrow
I ail all down, Zero level trust.
Hidden truths uncover,
Pride reveling
Rainbow, a secret reality
Hate to share my fantasy.

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