Today is not a good day


Bullets rain from guns
Like droplets from the sky
How pure is the oxygen today?
Atomic smokes in the sky

So much noise in the world
The sounds of bombs
Overtaken the clamoring voices of wounded lips
Stretching out in agony

Fire seeds from guns
Making their ways through the walls
And putting resting hearts
To forever rest

Fire grains from revolvers
Digging holes in the bony chests of the helpless

Stain streets
With combat boots
Splashing blood pools
On their way to what they call revolution

The nights get long for hungry
With their kids on their chest
Comfortably sucking their bony breasts

Innocent vampires
Sustain their hearts
On the salty taste of their
Parents’ wounds
As the night goes by!

Tattered tongues tipping toes
To tame the noisy footsteps
That throws them into terrors

Mothers sing silent lullabies
For famished kids not to cry
In this era of horror

Gunmen parading with guns
In an empty field of silence footprints
Like a rock star rocking the stage
In front of an empty auditorium

Don’t come out!
If you don’t have what can coax men to listen to you
There is no food out here for you
Everything is gone
Helpers wrapped in gun wounds
Silenced and displaced
Stay in your hidden places
Today is not a good day!









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