The vibrancy of a new day hits me
I welcome its uniqueness and energy
There will never be another exactly like this one
My level of enthusiasm is high
Being present in the now
It unfolds moment to moment

This day may bring great surprises
Perhaps a handsome face
Or maybe a beautiful one
Revelations pertaining to self may be revealed
Allowing for deeper knowledge of who I am
Where I am going
How I am growing

Life is happening
And I have the luxury of participating in it
Furthermore I have the honor of elevating it
Freely I put love into the universe
Thoughts words actions of love are released
Gladly received and celebrated

Imagining a world evolved
Where what is ideal is real
Peace service generosity
Unpolluted air and clean water
Self love and love for others
Building responsibly on behalf of future generations

Utilizing time feeding my mind
Plenty of positivity
Correctly preparing for all that is ahead
Seeing what I want accomplished
Mentally sequencing the process
That produces the completion

What are you looking for?