Toxic Love

Because no matter the cost,

I loved you through the storm,

But you gave me nothing but pain.

My eyes hazy with unshed tears for you,

And my heart heavy with hurt by you,

I walked away.

I didn’t know it then, but I know it now.

That you were the reason my soul never seemed to smile,

And you were the cause my heart never truly felt at peace.

I was at war with myself.

Should I battle my love for you,

Or should I battle myself for loving you?

I never knew,

Because at the end of the day,

I didn’t matter, not for you anyway.

Neither did what I held for you.

I let you break me,

Thinking that you would put me back together.

But you broke me in such a way that even the angels could do nothing but watch.

So, I left you, 

I left you and I walked away.

And I have never felt such an immense calm before.

I don’t regret it, leaving you that is.

And now I know that love never comes without consequences,

Some we are willing to take, some we are not.

Because life is not a a fairytale.

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