Train and the tears.

Train and the tears


Lustrous russet aurora of the sun of utmost ascendancy

And forlorn lonesome had reached upon the matured dull roof  

Of an impure train station with rigorous unending hassle

Few broken torn chairs with adulteration, Impurity

And desperation were visible to the clear vision of people

With hectic prospects of their own unclear journeys towards

Destinations, situated in the avaricious embracement of worldly materialism

In dark corners of the despondent train station, murky spider webs

With mournful insects ensnared within, yarning for the salvage of life

Were visible through the wind of fatigue and exhaustion

Men and women with mournful faces with non-fulfillment of worldly gratifications

Were sitting on the torn auburn chairs with hushed stillness


Inside the poignant train station, near an old broken chair

Few children were born to a mother of utmost maternal warmth and ardor,

The dog mother, though her innocent cubs were roofed with dirt and filth

Whilst affectionate tears falling out her eyes, was constantly and tenderly licking

The skinny emaciated bodies of the miserable cubs, was visible to

The site of the ordinary people gathered around the innocent yet adoring scenery,

In the vicinity many trains with journeys towards distressing

Destinations of ordinary people were constantly scampering on sturdy old timber pillars,

Newly born cubs were barely on foot around their mother with intense difficulties

Originated by their new arrival upon the world of melancholy ignorance

Days passed with speechless mourn and isolation of the world of disruption

And ignorance, yet the little cubs unhurriedly and gradually became

Matured turning in to adoring children whilst contented on their beings

 Irrespective of their life Full of obscured ignorance and miserable

Exclusion of worldly wealth, bliss and valued acceptance,

Whilst forlorn lonesome became their inevitable sole companion,

These innocent cubs with emaciated forms dressed in filth and dust

Played with their mother and on their own upon a world of their own

With blissful simplicities, a world of innocence and contentment,

Men and women, so called greatest inventions of the evolution of history,

Time to time lash out or boot these innocent creatures or the

Immature existences of the evolution replicating the dim-witted supremacy of their breed

Yet without a heed of it, little cubs entrapped in the arms of pacifying liberation


It was yet another day with rapidity and brainless intricacy of mankind

Men and women hurriedly were in the nature of gearing up of pursuing

Their destination towards their desires in the arms of worldly avariciousness

Little cubs were heedless on their vicinity filled with the rush of passengers

Of the mournful gloomy train station, played with dust and filth

Whilst time to time glancing at the sturdy trains sprinting on splintered timber pillars

The horn was signaled for a train with extensive tarnished passenger boxes

With faded colors, gradually initiated to scamper on the strapping wooden pillars

Some left over bread pieces were thrown towards the scampering train

And cubs in emaciated forms with intense starvation followed left over bread pieces

Towards the sturdy train of senseless sole and burly in nature

Earsplitting weep of deep pain was released in to the wind of ignorance

Here after the innocent little cubs would never return in to the warmth embracement

Of their innocent mother lived in the brutal entrapment of worldly disruption and ignorance

Yet she determined to seek her loved ones whilst whimpering to resolve

The utmost brutal puzzle of death that has been unsolved and will never be solved

Innocent mother constantly chasing after every train appear and disappear, seeking for her children replicating the symbol of maternal affection that will never die.




Name: Awanthi Anuradha Wijesooriya.

Phone No: +94713525918


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