I leave this poem open, so you can send your vapour to the sky leaving the books dry and undamaged / I know you ate from a miserable porridge cooked into a hundred of black pots / a piece of bloody meat / and a cup of coarse down your fragile throat. 

You knew strange days / stranger than the day you’ve known before / leaving your eyes to explode & the heart to tremble / with hardness that bore confusion and frightening . Your eyes became the eyes of the sheep / that did not know where to run when the dog barked / then you began searching for the eyes of the saviour where it’s not embedded. “Sigh” It’s hard when you’re new in this world,but not so bad when you’re first greeted with fear and you look. when you work there’s nothing to see for it / when you look more there’s nothing to see than fear / then you should start to think  there’s no point looking too much in this world / for there would always be something to look for / like solace, pleasure, refuge to the heart and replacement for all that you’ve lost. 

But you don’t look. For looking too much with a sad foundation like the pattern of the grave won’t save you from breaking/ breaking is part of growth / and growth is part of life when you’re still alive. 

When you look / you look with a little smile and laugh at the words that broke your ribs, the incident that soaked you in anguish / then the fear is less. You look with the softness of your eyes and a gentle crease round your mouth / then you feel the soft hands of the most high on your hardest roof / then all the fear goes. Then you know that this world is not a saviour/ for it won’t save your fear from you / but paint it on you retina so you remember every time your joy is isolated / so you can break, cry, tear and think of becoming the saviour of your treasured soul / like Jesus the saviour of Christians.  So you won’t keep looking & breaking before you’re totally broken & taken / so you can send your vapour to the sky leaving the books dry and undamaged before the real damage comes / so you can transcend. 


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