Tree of Knowledge

Let them see what they want, a submissive, docile little Eve, a placid smile and kind eyes, shrouding molten steel dripping behind your kind mask

Marry well and produce children. It’s all they tell you to do. You were always supposed to found your love in the embrace of the red earth, to submit, to be owned

And yet you longed for another of your kind, a delicate Eve, made out of cloud-soft cotton, lips cherry-red, and bell-like, ringing laughter

So you decided, no longer you will be the daughter of Eve, and joined, thrown yourself into the embrace of the fierce Lilith, clawing your freedom

She had told you every single thing,
of what the world truly is, shattered your rose-tinted glasses, and dispelled the honeyed lies of men.

And you indulged, inside this mad hedonism of the daughters of Lilith. A forbidden secret among witches, only to be whispered in the Devil’s hours

Yet it has never been so sweet, an hour full of ecstasy, the exciting, almost blasphemous thrum of satisfaction beneath your skin, undying, Sticky nectar beckoning salty skin

And a pleasure no son of Adam could ever bring to you.

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