Trois Gymnopedie

Trois Gymnopedie


Do you see a saw in a hollow spot?

Punditty taught dot a sotted note

for naught, illicit at night, caught

pit pot pat put pitter patter sunspot

lit into an ingot sindot slanted

in slatted wit, sought unwitting clit

clot a lot.


Who said this? I thought

you thought we brought all the holes

in the hollow dominos. Who is crying now?

You thought I thought we spent

all the rivers up and left just a glistening.

I kiss you only by listening. I thought

you thought we, like Jesus wept.


All the pairs of doors

mounted on walls

like lungs but not breathing once swinging

this way and that, now

trapped in flat.

The gutted temple displayed

in cool blue smoke: something shining

is fading.

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