Tying the Knot

A woman’s wedding day is supposed to be joyous

Exciting, tantalizing, remorseless

But on this day, the sky was grey

Happiness was absent

My body, the groom found it

Hanging from the ceiling, with a anguished feeling

My last moments were spent tying the knot


The groom-to-be was of fair elegance

Smart, wealthy, and handsome but was dense

He proposed, I said no

In rage, my lover he killed

My bank account, he filled

That was his machination to make me his obligation

This plan assured we would be tying the knot


He got to my parents before I could

With a diamond ring his wealth showed

I entered the room, my parents, elated, showed me my groom

I was to be married to the man I loathed

He approached me so our distance would be closed

He reached for my hand, his face I couldn’t stand

I vowed to myself that we would not be tying the knot


The day of the ceremony

I was in the dressing room, gloomy

I looked in the mirror, and slowly no longer felt fear

My plan, if correctly executed

The marriage, I’d released from it

Behind the rack of coats, I grabbed the sturdy rope 

Quickly, I started to tie the knot


That day, I was to take my fate in my own hands

I was no longer going to listen to other’s demands

This was my last resort, I placed the rope over my throat

My parents, with his money, he did sway

When I tried to oppose, I had no say

But with this noose, from this life I would be loose

Tying the physical knot symbolized my freedom


Before the ceremony started, the groom

Excited to see me entered into my room

Instead of seeing his soon-to-be wife, he saw her take her life

Word got out that the penurious, but beautiful bride

Minutes before the ceremony hung herself and died

The groom grieved, but I was freed

I was liberated from tying the knot

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