Uncensored Footage of a Cyborg Leading a Protest in Lagos

the only reason guns could ever be fired into a crowd is to witness

the silence a bullet promises. after each shot, time is always the first


to lose its shape. cyborgs tend to think faster than humans at the time

of death. an old woman asks what the protest is for. he points to her


son’s stiffened body by the roadside. she weeps. the tears seep into

my bedroom floor. so many stories have surfaced since the incident.


in one, there was never a cyborg in sight. in another, nobody

cared to ask whose face was being pressed against the asphalt.


there would come a time when i would stop believing in everything

my body tells me. a time when i would stand in the path of a bullet


and wait for a cyborg to tell me if i’m still alive or not. a time when

i would look through the lens of a broken periscope and snatch


the rifles of policemen aiming at peaceful protesters. it appears

it is harder to mistake a flyswatter for a racket than it is to mistake


a hairbrush for a gun or crumbs of chocolate for weed. before a wall

built by bodies, the cyborg stands. fists the sky. the crowd chants


for freedom; for a day faithful enough to let love blossom; for a land

sprouting with springs of milk. in the video, the cyborg is seen seething


through scrums of bullets. there’s a version that ends where

the cyborg feeds death to its own end. the final round of the fight


against injustice. humans flood their homes with tears

in preparation for the joy that is coming.

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