Unchained Promises

It’s over! All your collapsing and claustrophobic days
are waving their hands for the last time,
as they pack their bags and also supposedly
breathe their last, to see resurrection soon!

There are unending queries and unfinished thoughts…
Are the petals open now and am I unchained?
or is it a virtual reality of happy faces and masked justice?
What was the crime to decriminalize?
Why were we even criminals in the first place?
The future shines with rainbow, while a minute back we had a grey
do they promise gentle eyes to us?
How raw will be our smile, how truly will we be gay?

Thrown away by all of them,
even the nearest ones frowned looking at me.
Questioned for the gender always, never was I seen
to claim my place, barring narrowed brows and all free!
With all the ignorance with which was my childhood, added and
formed a drop escaping the eyes with a turmoil
of emotions, when with the scrapping of the law
simultaneously with celebration, the eyes still see me as a flaw.

Love shall remain same in its form, whether future present or
past, why are we in a conclusion to love ‘free’ now?
Why is love unchained only at this moment?
For we know the river meets the sea even today
just like it did back in the history.

I am a ‘her’, who loves and is loved back by a ‘she’, fingers intertwined
we walked to our parents, telling them for we shall never find
any better love than this. Neglected and seen with disgust were we
seen walking out with aching heart,
fingers still intertwined.
Since then to now we were scared to come out of the shroud.
Does this day erase all those disgust and really make it all over?
Will we not receive thorn anymore, is love now a four leaf clover?

Femininity and masculinity as the mountain and the river,
it is the earth where miracle happens to witness the blend
of the two; yet the ones ruling the earth
marked us out, being different wasn’t positive here,
it was more absurd than abstract.

Asked to grow up with strength, they even held that for one;
yes strength was for the masculine to own, I held that
strength with a feminine poise and that is when the trouble
was seen to grow. What a disgrace,
a curse to the family- were my regular nicknames; not one
but all loved to call me that and colour me as shame;
are those days over now, aren’t we anymore the spots in the moon?
Can we walk in the streets now being less a curse and more of a boon?

As we celebrate freedom and pride by
marking this day in history
hoping the coming sunrises promise
a healing to all the scars in the memory…

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