Unite Against Racism

It’s been centuries on
Since the world began the war on the monster
I must admit that we’ve come
A long way
In our struggle for equality
And Now
Racism, the old evil monster
Is raising it’s ugly head again
In our modern world
From unjustified killings
To mistreatment
And racial abuse of blacks
With no prior reason
Because politicians are there
To use it
As a tool
To deceive us
To fool us
And to make sport of us
Or maybe I just say it’s sheer hate
From the elites with taste
For anything but black
Who throw darts on our faces
And expect us to stay chained
And do nothing about it
Our leaders aren’t any different
They use division
As a weapon of destruction
To get themselves more power
To oppress us
And they use our division
As a weapon against us
To extend their stay in power

But we must be United
Regardless of where we are
And say “NO” to the status quo
For the future of our children
We must rise up
And destroy the corrupt system
And we must fire
All of our politicians
Who believe in destroying
The fabric of unity
Not by violence
Not by verbal war
Not by fighting
But by voting
And replacing them with
Leaders who want unity, not division
And a new system
Which priorities
People above politics
We must stand
And rise up
Against being dragged by our leaders
If we can stand in one voice
We can defeat racism together
Once and for all.







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