Unsaid love

When I was in the village you live,
I saw you near the garden first time,
I refused that I want to leave,
I knew you also liked me that time.

Because you dissembled your sister then,
When I stayed as I had frozen.
Our attention was destroyed by your mother’s common,
Then it was known where you live in.

This morning I passed near your home,
I saw today your window is open.
I know you are there behind the curtain,
I feel that you are following me.

Unfortunately I was called to the army soon,
I only could say this for you by the moon.
Unsaid love tortures us every day and noon.
This love is in our hearts as an endless tune.

After completing the army I returned home,
You weren’t there, I felt myself alone.
I saw today your window is open again,
I know you aren’t there behind the curtain.

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