My Cherie amour laughs at a strange man beneath

My thought-game drenched me in absence

Get a-moving tonight or else you age, no younger

Born so long ago and made in Rome


Again, centuries and absence are touching us

We’re riding on a seesaw of time

Your oatmeal for breakfast, take a bite and then laugh

Your death made rapture near


Together we love, because certainty

“Are you out of breath?” I’m asking you

I’m ridden with the art of silence

It’s curing you of death and of my aching heart


Nail a token of me at the chapel for an eon

Make a shrine of it all with diamonds on the doorframe

Go blindfolded to the eternal scene of my being

It’s the most my head has tried on yet

The cost of choice is ridiculous


Gawk cautiously at my Cherie eternally

Ache at the merriness

And the search does go on at sunset

Again, a futile heart


Oh, a leech

Some earthworms and cockroaches

A bad day at the cathedral


Don’t stagger, clock

No staggering, just turn back

What are you looking for?