They reached out!
They had been absent for the longest minute
and my path was never before so opaque.
Their timing could never have been more precise
yet amidst the joy of rediscovering once lost allies
 I could not help but notice the exasperation in their tone.

“Is loving you the very source of our demise?”
They broke the silence.
“We came to you day and night pleading for only but a chance to breathe.
We pledged ourselves unquestionably to serve under your command – yours alone –
Conscious that our fulfilment would be acquired through providing only what’s best for you.
So tell us now, was it foul of us to yearn for intervention on the behalf of a fallen warrior,
Was it sinful of us to offer assistance to a soul peppered by the stone crust of reality,
Or, better yet,
Is your life a tale of abundant possibilities or is it a tune of guilt-driven reflections?”
I dared not respond; the words pierced deeper by the minute.

“We come before you today questioning the fate of our existence.
Is it one where we shape your reality and abundantly take care of your unfolded journey
or, is it one where we meet our ends upon the same bed you lay on when your last gasp retires?”
They resumed.
“We come before you today, pleading to fight – for YOU!
And we require only your consent to do so.
Your sun is rapidly setting, choose your cup of fate now or allow Earth to decide it for you.”
They concluded.

They were exhausted from spending eons entrapped in layers of thought.
They were drained of being soaked in anguish at the sight of their master’s previous trounces.
They needed only a single permit to slip into my realm of the material – my approval –
And by the grace of faith, they would serve me even beyond the depths of death.

They spoke to me burdened with fear in their urging whispers; as if to signify how close the end was.
They plead with me one last time…

They were my dreams.

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