Thoughts of suicide can take over your brain quicker than a flame catches upon gas
These words fill your mind with delusional things and the only logical reason to get away from them
Is to simply cut them off
By cutting yourself off
Leaving the pain behind fills the lost minds of people wondering why
Why do this
Why were we not good enough for you to stay
But when these things are happening, you don’t think of others
It’s selfish
Not selfish to you
You think you’re being selfish to others by staying
You cant do anything
You’re not important
You don’t mean a single thing to anyone
But that’s where you’re wrong
Even if you think you are completely alone
There is one person out there who is on your side
Who understands you
Who will break their own heart to be able to glue yours back together
That’s what you don’t see
Your eyes are covered by the darkness
The darkness overtaking every part of your body eventually
But please
The world will be different without you
Someone won’t eat their favorite breakfast food the next day
They won’t turn down a certain street
The one girl in math class you made laugh with the stupid pranks you pulled will never be able to laugh about a math problem again without you
Your mom wont be able to call her baby boy home again
You won’t be able to make your soulmate smile on your big day
You won’t be able to prove people wrong by getting that diploma
Some will never see the moon and stars as beautiful as you always said they were because


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