Fueled by fire,
but gracefully enraged
I welcomed the darkness within
Behold the bars bend,
I break free from my cage
Watch the blood and scars fade on my skin

“The witch has come hunting!”
They yell through the crowd
Running in fear of themselves
For they know of their sins,
but don’t say it out loud
Taking weapons and shields off their shelves

With a flick of my finger,
they no longer linger
But lie still on the grass with a smile
Pray thanks to my spell,
within seconds they fell
And won’t bother me for a while

Couldn’t care less,
if they’re living or dead
I was stabbed and locked up in a cage
So grew my darkness,
10 years in that shed
I decided to fuel my rage

The townsfolk have fallen,
no that wasn’t all
A certain man still to blame
For he punctured my heart
and then let me fall
My capture had brought him fame

He lives in a tower, in Amity hill
Where he once made love to me
We embraced and we kissed,
then lay perfectly still
Till he left me there to bleed

I looked at my heart,
as the blood trickled out
Crooked smile I could see on his face
I uttered a spell, as he let out a shout:
“Take her away from this place!”

The townsfolk commenced to pull and to push
Sorrow overwhelmed my soul
Made a vow of revenge,
no stone left unturned
I’d make Satan swallow them whole

I was blessed with great power,
by the good lord above
But my love made a fool out of me
So I ripped out his heart,
gave to wolves to devour
My revenge had set me free







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