My eyes are blind,
My ears are deaf,
And my legs also limp when I tread…
My heart also beats in pain.

My body is full of ailment
and my soul consists of sorrow.
I am a girl, who was derived from an immense amount of ilness.
Sins and errors, which were committed by me, torment my heart.
It is a pity that I don’t dare weep with ease…

Grandmother of mine always pointed out that
Maladies are gifts for human, whom God loves so much…
I found out!
I am a beloved of Allah!…
Fortunately, God forever loves me giving an ilness as a gift…

Maybe I would have been an incurable patient,
If I hadn’t been conscious of that sorrow was the best happiness in the world…

My eyes are blind,
My ears are deaf,
My heart beats with pain every moment…
To tell the truth, I am a healthy patient, who can feel the grief,
and sufferings of everyone.

Honest to God,
I am a girl, who was built with soul illnesses…

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