Untitled(words from my heart)

Dear world,
You made me believe,
That power wasn’t built for me,
But for those that had blood on their hands and fear at their feet,

You made me think that religion,
Culture and tradition;
All the things that made us different,
Made us toxic,

That what mattered was what you got,
Not what you gave,
That the tone of your skin,
And gender of your person,
Defined who you are,

That “home” brought nothing but worries and pain,
And life was all about money, power and fame,

That corruption was in our roots,
So injustice was our name,
Bloodshed didn’t matter,hope died,
And change never came,

That love was fiction,
A fathom of the unknown,
And all who stood for justice,
Stood but all alone,

That terrorism was our norm,
Inscribed in our flesh and bone,
That we were free to kill,
All we neglected as our own,

That our tapestry was burned,
To the very last stitch,
That happiness was a myth,
And we could never freely live,

I have a vision strong,
Like fountains flowing free,
I see change beginning,
With you and me,

I see tomorrow bright,
I see hope and victory,
I see us waging war on evil,
As tides rising in the sea,

I see our ashes,
Decorating the sands of time,
Where legends crave to lay,
Remembered as those who fought corruption,
And all things that made us prey,

I see us rising from the dust,
Like the Phoenix from the ashes,
Covered in the wings of the mocking jay,
With the voice of a hurricane,
Battling all that kept us in violence and shame,

I see equality rising,
And difference becoming vain,
I see the tsunami of hope,
Wrestling those storms of pain,

I see change, love,
A vision of prosperity,
And above all my darling heritage,
I see unity in diversity.

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