Victorian Day in LA

High hill balcony

With an urban view,

Loss of common modernity during this

24-hour spree of fancy gowns, richness and tea.

Tinder talks disguised in

Perfumed letters and

Spring-stained velvet sheets.

Canyon meetings

So she doesn’t see,

But no more waiting behind the mall for me.

I wanna Uber to your mansion in the 19th century –

Horses, of course,

Carrying me for I’m a gentlemen in times when

High men took the high road

If they wanted love from him –

Someone with a status, but no fee.


I see them in the distance –

Your children sound asleep

In the global warming heat,

The ocean higher than it was

Before three weeks

Just like James, your kid.

It’s about time we bring in

Talks of your ex-wife in this

And everything she left behind –

A king-sized bed and an empty space,

Some shred tapestry and

A song that rang in my head

Just yesterday

While sexting,

But not today when

I’m supposed to be the center of it.


You’re indifferent to this period,

But it’s building to a more proper scene.

And I don’t mind the isolation

If it’s like the one we’ve been practicing.

A Victorian day in LA –

A realer love with a sweeter depth

Show me how you do it on the Internet!

Just you and me, and her eventually

On a pretty mansion balcony.

How do kids sleep in this scorching heat?

As we go back in history

We only worry about true love and tea parties,

Throw troubles to the sea.

I’m finally more that digitally satisfied.

Modernity can step aside if

Now all we do is swipe love right…

What are you looking for?