I sank into the void,

inch by inch every day.

I knew not when I was sinking,

Only when I was fully submerged.


I crawled out gasping for air.

But it never left me, stained

like a layer of grease on my skin.

It let nothing pass, from outside

Or from within. The void stained

my eyes, it plugged my ears.

Colors and words lost all meaning.

Warm words cold, cold words colder.

It seeped into my heart, a small void within.

Forgot to smile, to care.

Pretended to smile, to care – All fake.


It crept into my brain, hollowed it out.

Just static within. No thoughts. No purpose.

I screamed for help, no one heard.

Maybe the void did not let pass.

Maybe the world dealt with tragedies too real

to care about a void they couldn’t see.

I don’t blame them, they didn’t see.

But I don’t blame as I survived.


Who didn’t?

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