Walls and Doors

Walls And Doors


Time flies uncontrollably, but we can steer with but a leaf

`We could try to move backward but the current is already there

The messages we missed couldn’t be there

What did I miss, why am I here

What will happen to me, will I die a death without friends

No I can’t think like that I won’t go down

I need to wait in this blizzard sheltered by unopening doors

But I saw you, you came

You saw me and brought a shovel and dug me out of my hole

You heard my prayers, you heard my plea

I saw first light after being stuck for awhile

I couldn’t bear it, I passed out in front of you

I woke up and it was all gone I saw myself in a hole surrounded by unopening doors

I thought if I screamed loud enough you would come

But I was canceled out by the undying snow

I wouldn’t go dismissing everything I did

I saw your gentle face and I reached out 

And I touched snow, You smiled and then disappeared

I saw you and then you were gone

I saw myself fading too

I couldn’t let that happen

I had to meet this stranger, she intrigued me, She helped me

I thought I saw her and then I felt a shocking jolt in my right arm

I had to rub it with snow, and you disappeared

I feel a pinch and get sucked out of this world, The world of my dreams

And I see you, I recognize you, I hug you, I thank you

That was you, you pulled me out of this icy fantasy, I felt a jolt of relief, but then she disappeared

Was it all my imagination, or was she there, I walk out and see the person, My roommate

I thank her and yet she seems bewildered, then I go to the beach thinking about what just happened, I buried all my other thoughts into my hole, and think about just one, Why did I see her?

I see the birds fluttering

I think to myself, Why, How did she know

She helped me, help me, They say good walls make good neighbors, I don’t believe that anymore I believe

it’s the doors that really count


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