We are Chameleons

I wish I could meet the beings of Mars and Jupiter
Or maybe Venus
To get a taste of the opposite of Earth harbourers.
I fell into this planet
And I thought it was a world of homo sapiens

Reality and fate has taken me to Earth’s signboard

I take my bath everyday
With Father’s words
“Trust no body”
I don’t need to look at the sky when God shows us rainbow
Those beautiful colours are right here around me
One man may even harbour All

We are chameleons
Our system is modified for “change”
Either from bright colour to dark colours
Dark colours to bright colours
Evil to joyful
Joyful to perturbed…..

We all are guilty of multi colours
For our tongues are moulded with lies
And the saliva on it are suger coated falsehood

Fate drives everyone to everyone
Where experience and life
Are teacher and chalk.

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