What Are Life’s Schemes???

What does life gives to all?
Damaged trusts, ruined betrayals
Virtues unsatisfied in a eerie Palace
Denials of access to the throne
Makes authority unknown
Slavery is water never thirsted for
Only those with empty souls she fills
An endless drought still exists
How long will the soul experience this?

What does life offers many?
Uncertainties are all she gives
Only a few exceptions are pledges
Her survival builds a rigid entity
Making each moment a perpetuity
As she empowers indecisions to birth a colony
The cravings for war never cease
Despite the efforts of a dynasty
Struggles still starves serendipity

What does life asks from none?
Authorities to accomplish ill fates
Feeble submissions to murder strong faiths
Strikes as a storm rages an unfortunate ambiance
Apparent as the ends of Galileo’s lenses
Abundance of her disastrous acts breeds horns
Raids the stars to fall down to the Earth
Aimless and homeless till the globe melts
Notwithstanding, survivals brings wealth

What does life takes from all?
The beauty of man’s youth
Steals sights from spirituality with a clue
As cunning as the serpent in Eden
Making claims of ‘How’ and ‘When’
The Treasures of the world would fall
At the feet of humanity in paradise
Existing in his world as a merchandise
Never given out all for the sake of cowardice

What does life takes from many?
Deserved rights and privileges
Entitlements to freedom in of the ages
Most would never speak until death
Until the Earth in the universe melts
All life develops is nothing but clumsy
Starves most of the breath of life
Fights in silence but not in peaceful heights
Until raging storms breeds innocence

What does life takes from none?
Shattered dreams and broken souls
Enjoyment in seventh heaven of the unknown
Freedom to venture into the darkest paths
Fears of a feeble soul of a melodious art
Not even a warning could any born
Never do life starves man of poverty
For she has uncountable as the sands of the sea
Struggles with humanity till eternity

How does life takes from all?
Never does she asks for permission
Takes all she wants without tension
Like a master to his slave
Hides all she can so man never craves
For the freedom from ‘The Four’
Poverty, Oppression, Darkness and Fears
Shouts of pains not heard even in silence
Until calmness becomes the fire that melts

How does life takes from many?
Curiosity to know it all
Never lends a hand to the poor
Kills what needs to stay alive
Even at the mercy of his drive
To save the world when falling
Fallings and failings keep more distance
To the soul that never proofs a nuisance
To the entire deities of the universe

How do life takes nothing from none?
Folded arms like a fool in the sky
Watching over the atrocities from on high
Closed lips like a hungry but poor soul
Wild as a hungry beast with an unknown flow
None knows her move but ‘The Four’
Even ‘The Four’ cannot decode it all
All her utterance against man deserves a call
From the highest of the highest one

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