Wheel of Life

Wheel of life
by Mutiara Cecilya

Looking at the niches of life
I don’t know for sure
Could it be
A calm old man reading the newspaper
In the midst of a world of fire?

I witnessed myself and my friends
While eating nuts and pickles
Talking about the fate of the nation
fierce debate
Blazing gives orders
Determining the course of the world

Wouldn’t it be better if we drowned
All formulas and calculations at the coffee shop
As long as the sun isn’t up yet?

Or I’ll just choose the rocking chair serenity
Every morning a bowl of milk and a cup of bread
Still worried
Will the certainty of tomorrow: It’s not impossible
God suddenly commanded: stop!
Then the planets collide
The stars go out and disappear
So what can still be achieved?

While the earth is uncertain
What remains is only a long dream in the dark
Even dreaming
Need a foundation
But what is the solid foundation?
Fragile and unable to endure

I noticed
I examine my hands: veins, skin, wrinkles
I try to feel the bones inside
It could disappear in an instant
I have none
Apart from Prayer

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