When The Earth Became Dirty

 When The Earth Became Dirty
I was in my prime time, when my Dog barked
My Dog smelled tomorrow’s visitor, I became
Like when my dog await for its bone to be served
I tried to smell my Dog ‘s mouth, its smelled like dying bone.

Tomorrow’s visitor came like September rain, where
Midnight is for its party, my mother told me not to be a friend
To my brother, my mother told my brother not to be a
Friend to me, she ran away from us where no one knew.

We hide our noses from breathing the polluted earth
Our stomach became our breathe, our noses became for
Our visitor, we became foes to each other, couples
Engaged in marital isolation, mother and child isolated.

Isolation! Isolation! Was the Anthem of the earth
Pandemic! Pandemic! Was the latest song that
Common man knew, breathing is a sin for the pandemic
Danger! Danger! Is the red light that we saw in the hiding place.

The Earth became sword, the visitor became our war
To survive is only hope of the earth, earth changed its friendship
There was no war though there was commotion in the isolation world
When the world became dirty, we became the bearers of our earth.

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