When the Wild Die Young

When the Wild Die Young

In Memory of My Passing Friends

[Heart Chakra, Water]

When the wild die young and their soul

Lifts up and out of body

shunning pulse to flow,

the most silent quiet we’ll ever know

when breath stops producing heat

there’s a pause in our collective beat


A feather is added to an indigo mohawk of a mystic bird

Whose body bends

around the entire globe


An afterthought

Orbit for the lost and well-hearted


The ancient bird of bittersweet

Carries the broken soul in perpetuity

Where sorrow sits in joy’s lap



I’ve known some of these feathers

before femur capitulated to a hollowing tibia

seeding a quill,

a barb for every time that child laughed

a hooklet for every screech of agony

in search for hope’s flame  


Like a magnet festooned in a lapis and cobalt whisper

Charlie, Davey, Emerson, and now Jacee’s feather takes flight

They’re there,

on the nape of the neck

Gossiping in the wind like Elijah blue fescue in June

They’re here,


In my memory

I see a veil draped over their eyes and

The desire to feel … something…anything


I still feel their love, it’s there on Charmolypi’s wing,

it’s in the breeze,

a song sung

When the wild die young

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