Where Alice Goes

Where Alice goes: it’s decided at the crossroad

and always waiting there is a grin,

sometimes a cat, always a grin.

The first time she’s there, she’s not so old

can count her age on two hands,

so forgive her naivete, for only two hands,

that’s why she asks the floating grin:

Where to go?

This way or that, says not a grin, but a cat.

Wherever you go, you’ll get somewhere.

So somewhere Alice goes, with a sigh

and a laugh, she walks and she walks

until her feet want to fall off.

Less curious and less curious.

Now she’s over three hands,

getting tall Alice, says the grin,

getting taller and taller, that’s why

she needs to ask the cat again:

Where to go?

The cat has an answer, he always does

but first he needs to know, Where?

Where does she want to go?

This place or that place, wherever,

for they are all mad.

Mad, Alice isn’t mad, she’s been mad

not a day in her life. Never mad.

So she chooses a path, not the cat,

for the grin is surely mad, and you never

get help from a madman or a mad cat.

Less curious and less curious.

Now she has as many hands as fingers,

so she walks by the cat without a grin,

her lots of dollars shoes never waver

she never bothers to ask:

Where to go?

So she never gets an answer,

could have been better,

could have shown her the answer, 

cause she couldn’t see no difference

in the paths, not like the cat.

But she never bothers to ask.

Less curious and less curious. 

But where did Alice go?

By now she should have more

than four cats have toes.

There is a cat without a grin

and he goes to find his Alice.

Alice, Alice not on the path.

Now, Alice fallen off the path.

Far sadder than Alice with less

than two hands to count.

The cat has to probe her to ask:

Where to go?

She already knows, he just 

has to remind her, that’s all.

Alice gets up and wipes off

and heads back to the path.

This time she has more to say

to the cat before she leaves,

too much for words. So she asks:

When will I see you again?

This time there is a cat and a grin.

He says, I don’t think you will, Alice. 

Alice who knows where to go.

There is a lot to say for both of them

but there are not the words.

That’s why there’s no cat, just a grin.

And an Alice who knows:

Where to go.

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