Who am I?

        WHO AM I?

Can someone tell me,who am I.

Can someone tell me,where I stand.                   Have I chosen the correct path?                                         Should I embark on this journey?                                   I fear my dreams will they destroy me?                             Am I the moon,                      or the shadows in it?             Am i the ashes or the raging fire?                              Am I the drop of rain or the mighty wave?                   Do I bring tranguilty or sobi unleash a storm?            Do I have a purpose or a reason to be who I am?         Do I believe in myself?         Does my existence even matter?                                    Whose shoulder do I cry on or should I falter?             Who  will guide me or should I lose my way?           Should I live the truth or remain silent?                         Should I bear my soul or break my heart?                     Should I cross all boundaries or rein myself in?                                              Should I keep fighting or should I just give up?             Who am I.                                What will become of me.     I am who I say I am

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