Wilting Away

There is a flower, lonely and desolate it does lay

The air feeds it, as the world feeds it death

We say, “no way!”  As my flower wilts away

The flower cries out for help to those who walk by

Ignored and stepped on as the tears flow from its eyes

Hear what?  I hear nothing as my flower wilts away

The flower, once beautiful, now bleak and gray

No sunshine, no rain feeds this flower today

To give, but to only keep, they all say as my flower wilts away

Scars covering scars, and smiles covering pain

Hope is the cancer

As pain is the maggot festering inside

Yes, this flower has died for no one really cared

To only notice what was once there

If we only helped in its time of need

The flower could have sown a seed

Our selfishness and pride

Left the flower to die

Please let this once forgotten flower know, the power of life is for all to behold

To give the other flowers care and love which within you hold

To keep this decaying haughtiness away so my flower won’t ever wilt away

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