Windows Shut


I opened the windows of my mind to get some air.

A draft rolled in with subtle whispers intertwined.

And your name slowly filled the room.

I had shut you out.

Aside from some shadows of thoughts and a few fleeting memories.

I shut you out because you are gone, and life cannot be rewound.

I was hiding from the pain.

Falling since you left and afraid to hit the ground.

The agony took my heart over, pumping hard through my veins.

So, I shut the windows, afraid to be broken completely.

I was fear stricken,

Terrified of losing my mind and becoming irreversibly insane.

I want to mourn you.

But to build myself up from the sure death of my soul, Grandfather, I just don’t have it in me.

Your arms were the wings under which I took shelter.

It was your words of counsel that lit my every chosen path on fire!

When you were here, I was immune to the flames! Even stronger by them.

A True Phoenix, flying high by your side!

You often told me, that I can do anything that I set my mind to do.

I did then, and still can, even in your absence.

This much, this life I live, has proven to be true.

These victories, though, are weightless in my heart.

Because the fruit from your seeds of wisdom just taste sour without you.








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