I want to be the kaleidoscope of women I loved when I watched them.

Does that make me a heroine? Yes, and it’s true we have a love story on our hands.


Snakes peered from behind the glass eyeballs of men who had cheated. He preferred a different

protagonist. One with longer eyelashes and a fatter stomach. She was more agreeable at the time, 


but she is still every woman on the inside. The woman who saw the first woman

on the black and white TV and fell in love. What was it about her? With a silver bowl


of a pit in her stomach. A wife? A mother? An Actress? Did it matter? An angel? The unattainable void

left like silence in the air. She was green eyed and brunette and maybe she was just every woman craving 


what every other woman had that made them happy. Yes, she is jealous. Yes, she is lonely.

But does that stop her from morphing more and more into the woman on the TV screen? 


Dressed appropriately. That’s important. Take notes dear. Is your head up high enough?

Be deliberate. Be believable. You’re happy. 

What are you looking for?