Working the Polls

Let’s install a pole in the capitol
so our congressmen can better entertain
on Sunday morning television.
Like strippers in a dank club,
they tease and tantalize their base.
For just a few dollars more
and a few more votes, they’ll fulfill
their every dark desire.

Slinking out of his suit and tie,
the esteemed Senator from Walmart Inc.
promises to keep those disgusting gays from marrying
if you buy just one more dance.
He’ll make sure those lazy liberals own guns
after you take him to the VIP room
and to once and for all outlaw abortion
if you donate just a little more cash.

But no matter how many drinks you buy,
no matter how late you wait by the stage door,
our duly elected representatives go home
with the CEO of the multinational
and in his bedroom on silken sheets
they remove caps on pollutants,
eliminate workplace safety regulations
and repeal the capital gains tax.


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