You are worthy of love and acceptance
You owe nobody an explanation as to why, how, and what. 
You are the heir to your life. 
You are worthy.
Your hair gives us a representation of different characteristics 
Your blond hair gives light and joy
Your brown hair radiates strength and resilience
Your red hair sends out courage and love
Your black hair sends waves of power and elegance 
Your grey and white hair gives us neutrality and peace
You are worthy.
The bald that slowly forms on your head
makes you unique and bold
The freckles resemble the Hypoestes Phyllostachya plant which makes you art
You are worthy.
The skinny legs make you stand tall and mighty
The thick curls around your neck make you age baby years younger
Your rough skin has a history to share
Your smooth skin blossoms with pride when touched
Your thick lips have the words to change a nation
Your small lips have a silent line of wisdom waiting to be spread
You are worthy.
Your wrinkled, crooked, broken, fat, 
skinny, soft, hard, black,
 white, mixed, and straight hands 
are a road map of the great 
places you have been to and touched.
Whether you are tall or short, you give humanity
A sense of different
You are beautiful!
 You are worthy.
I see the mighty ocean through those blue eyes
The sand that is represents life through your brown eyes
Growth and fertility through your green eyes
Wisdom and warmth in your grey eyes
I see resilience and triumph through the 
specs that show the world 
not everyone 
needs two eyes but four to help spread 
acceptance and inspiration 
You are worthy. 
You are a Rubix cube and nobody has the right to get
you all figured out the first time.
Your different elements make it
interesting to know what you bring to the table. 
You are worthy.

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