when at night everything becomes a shroud

& the burden in my eyes searches for a lounge

I walk around the shadows to mingle with the

what is insomnia, if not the price we pay for
scrolling through the pages of our sighs

I have a CGPA the size of an ant
on the notice board, I was advised to withdraw

In this poem, college is a war.
those who survive it are called graduates.
i didn’t survive the war; somewhere along the way
something happened :

It has started to rain and the van was neglected
under the heavenly shower        never doted on by any teacher; never cared for by anybody

If you’ve ever attended college, ever witnessed
a thunderstorm while in college, you will know that people like me are destined to become

because safety is strictly by grades & my grades were persistently flunking, there was never a time
i was admitted into a teacher’s bosom

that was how I became a wreckage
that was how i became a battered veteran

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