Writer’s Block

To write, or not to write – 

that is the question.

To ponder and grope for a topic

is a difficult and time-consuming task.

Is the worth behind the feeling of accomplishment

a value to be strived for?

Alas, Time is the enemy.

Not the straining of the ideas in my head,

but rather, should I use the minutes more wisely?

My thoughts and daydreams drink greedily from Time’s cup

without knowing how much the glass holds.

To trade some of that precious time – 

that valuable mystery every soul wants more of – 

to search for the mere words

piecing together this very poem… 

Is it worth it? Is it valuable enough?

I could stand and recite 

my much-practiced lines

of which I wrote. 

I could get a wave of glorious applause

or complete the deed of allowing a new train of thought

to come tracking through the minds of my audience. 

But what to write?

No simple dilemma would capture the attention

of the brilliant brains around me.

No situation is shocking enough to stick

and sicken their ideas for years to come

until they must act on it. 

How could I inspire a notion 

for future generations to carry on?

Can I make such a lasting impression?

Or will I simply be sitting here

wasting both my time and theirs – 

a horrid crime, for I have nothing to say.

What are you looking for?