Yesterday, yesterday

Yesterday, I wondered, what will it bring?

A sorrow undaunted, or the fragrance of spring?

I was reading by the fireplace, while I pondered again

Each thought, so pointless, like fires in the rain

But yesterday, I wondered, what can I do?

Will I get to, I hope to, to finally meet you?

The sun’s been brighter these last few days In books, where brightness, is a word, on a page

And hello is a word, and it’s not hard to say

But what can I say, when you are away?

So yesterday, yesterday, when we first met

I’ll treasure that moment like a golden sunset

But yesterday, yesterday, is gone all too fast

Not a soul, not a mountain, exists in the past

Today, my dear, is all that I have

And you, my dear, are my other half

What are you looking for?