Your Vacation Intinerary

Lay in beds of murder 

Wake up to petition 

Choose your indulgence 

Hashtags for breakfast 

Fruit of my men for lunch 

Skin of my women for dinner 

Costume in my culture 

Stuff bags with BLM shirts 

Tie Kente Cloth as luggage tags 

Discard the signs 

Download the drum circle 

Replay on the plane home 

Airdrop photos 

Facebook the album 

Name it BLM 

Insta the protest 

Tweet the change 

Put the luggage in the closet 

Close the doors 

Sit in silence 

stare at beige and mauve walls 

Open laptop 

Plan next year’s trip 


**alternate ending** 

White girl gets a taste 

A brutality snack 

Baton strikes on her hips

Goes home to Go Live 

Tells the world 

how she 

stood up for justice as she, 

vacations in my misery 

Has option to stay home in her safety 

I question if she is genuine 

or glamorizes the grief 

Cuz It’s sexy to bleed on camera Seductive to watch Black flesh melt Orgasmic to choke a man 

Climax to a woman’s war cry 

What a freedom it is 

to take tour 

of a lifestyle 

Play journalist 

Suffer a warning 

And leave to talk about it

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