Zero O’clock

Knife in hand you stare in the mirror, 

But the one who stares back doesn’t want to see tomorrow. 

23:50 the time reads as you lift the blade, 

Suddenly in your hand it becomes heavier than a spade. 

You pause a moment and staring into those haunted eyes, you ask yourself why? 

Is it because of the heaviness and pain in place of where your heart lies? 

Because of the terrible nights when you cry yourself to sleep, 

Reminiscing on every moment,word and action that left scars so deep?

Finally tired of asking without answering you lift the blade to your wrist, 

And in that moment only your desperation and selfishness exist. 

Like jingling bells, a clock chimes, 

And the babe in the room beside you cries. 

It’s zero o’clock and a new day begins, 

And 12 times, the clock’s bell rings. 

Dropping the blade you rush out to pick the little one, 

Who instantly rests on your shoulder with no idea what you would’ve done. 

Sucking his thumb he lifts his head and looks in your eyes, 

And every thought of blades and slit wrists instantly die. 

For if you can’t find a reason then the one before you is enough, 

To keep going and living even when things are tough. 

Eyes shining with love you keep your tears at bay, 

As you realize the one whom you least thought of in your grief saved you from throwing it all away. 

The world outside sleeps and not a single sound is heard. 

While in the little flat, you put your saviour to bed. 




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