Rosie Angelica Alonso: “For Jack”

For Jack

My blind cat leads me into the world

His fur,
embedded in petroglyphs of ancestral stories
                  within the spots and manchas of his coat

                  He hears the trees morph into lions
                                    he smells the clouds evolve into danzantes,
                                                      the sky quakes in feathers and ayoyotes

My cat breathes life back into himself
                                                                    after a seizure

He is exhausted with the stars

I study the astronomy of his nervous system

I make him an altar

with cat shaped sugar skulls


                  I light copal

I watch the smoke weave into his whiskers,
                                    prepare for his transition
                                                      into the spirit realm

I crush his kibbles with a molcajete
feed him through a syringe
carry him outside with his blanket
let him feel el solecito
tell him, los pajaritos are here to serenade you

In my backyard below the sun

                  I await for his body to become soil

                  For his body to give life to my ama’s lemon trees

I wait to inhale the splutter of his ecosystem
                  To have his organs regenerate an aerial of bees

My blind cat leads me into the world

          leads me into visions where flowers
                                    meet the butterflies of every exoskeleton

Where our past lives meet the trine in our astrology

Lead me into your bloodline, Jack
                  I want to know the Aztec gods you were born after
the meows and purrs floreciendo entre tú,
tú, feline fire
                  you always being this fire

Lead me into spirals of curiosity
                                    born from the madness
                                                                        of just being you, Jack

Lead me into love,

Lead me where soul leaves ego and all we are is you, Jack
                                                                                                                        — light

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