Sasha Waltz: The Trilogy

German choreographer Sasha Waltz, Choreographer & Artistic Director of Sasha Waltz and Guests, is known for integrating stark visuals with dance. The daughter of an architect and a curator, she was clearly exposed from an early age to a variety of creative ideas, imagery, art, thoughts about space, and more. Her work seems committed to investigating all of the above in relationship to dance and the human condition, and along the way she comes up with some very compelling imagery.

Bodies entwined in motion
Bodies entwined in motion

This short, a promo for the DVD series The Trilogy: Körper, S, noBody, is chock full of such imagery. I grappled with showing this and a longer excerpt of noBody, but chose this for its range of dynamic visuals. Waltz’s bold and original work is in the vein of Tanz Theater, and understandably influenced by Pina Bausch. I wonder what choreographer living in Europe for the past 30 years or so wouldn’t be? Once again, while not strictly a dance film, the way the dance elements are captured and work with the camera, the editing, the text, and the music make for a powerful short, and certainly made me want to see more. Enjoy.

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