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Sites That Can Help Call of Duty Players

Call of Duty is a name almost every gamer has heard at least once. In fact, even those who are not interested in video games have heard about it. This is mainly because it is considered the most popular FPS series of all time. The series is known for both its campaign and multiplayer, and there are even multiple esports tournaments hosted for it every year. However, there are times when new players often get confused while playing the game and are unable to figure out how things work. Thankfully, there exist multiple sites that can help such players.

Call of Duty games may be pretty fun and all, but there can be times when you might get confused about a lot of things. There is a detailed ranking system that you need to learn about, and there is also a wide range of weapons that you can use. As the amount of content is great, you might get lost at some point. Fortunately, there are different sites out there that are dedicated to helping such players. And today, we are going to talk about sites that can help Call of Duty players. 

Call of Duty Fandom 

The first website that we would like to mention is Call of Duty Fandom. The thing that makes this site one of the best for Call of Duty players is the amount of content it has. You can find almost everything related to Call of Duty on this website. The best part? It contains information about every Call of Duty game, so there are no limitations to what you can find out.

The thing which many people love about Call of Duty games is that all of them have an amazing story campaign. These campaigns contain a series of missions that players need to complete to reach the end. However, there can be times when you might get stuck during a mission because you will be unable to figure out where to go. This is where the Single Player section of Call of Duty Fandom comes in. It contains information about each mission and how to complete it.

Another amazing thing about this website is its dedicated multiplayer section. If you’ve been playing Call of Duty, you know how confusing things can get. But by utilizing the multiplayer section on the Call of Duty Fandom website, you can learn about everything, including scorestreaks, killstreaks, and so on. You can also find detailed guides about each weapon, which contain information such as the magazine size, fire rate, accuracy, and much more. Overall, Call of Duty Fandom is an amazing site that you should visit if you’re struggling in the game. 


Call of Duty can get competitive at times, and a lot of people quit the multiplayer section because they are unable to get better at the game. This is mainly because they don’t have any friends who can teach them more about the game. This is where Skycoach.gg comes in. It is one of the best websites out there that offer Call of Duty coaching and boosting services. You can use their service to play alongside a professional player, who will not only help you level up in the game but will also teach you plenty of stuff. 

Weapons skins are also a big part of Call of Duty. A lot of players spend thousands of dollars every month just to get their hands on these skins. After all, everyone wants their weapon to stand out from the rest. SkyCoach also offers services that can help you unlock weapon skins pretty quickly. Overall, SkyCoach offers pretty amazing services that are not costly as well.

Cod Tracker 

Finally, we have Cod Tracker. This website is dedicated to those players who live and breathe Call of Duty. This is mainly because it has everything a Cod player needs. If you’re someone who likes to know how players from different parts of the world are performing in the game, you can check out the dedicated leaderboards section on the site. Furthermore, Cod Tracker also has a news section that lets you stay updated with everything happening in the world of Call of Duty. 

There is also a section named “Database’ on Cod Tracker, which contains information about important things. You can utilize this section to even learn about the best loadouts you can create in the game. Overall, Cod Tracker is an amazing website with which you’ll fall in love instantly. 


This was everything you needed to know about sites that can help Call of Duty players. As you can see, all three websites are pretty amazing and offer different stuff. By using them, you can learn about everything there is to know about Call of Duty. You can also use SkyCoach to get help from professional players.

Photo by Onur Binay on Unsplash


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