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I was aware of the movie Call Jane, directing debut of screenwriter Phyllis Nagy, because it premiered at Sundance in January 2022, I had read reviews and interviews, so I immediately went to see it after it opened in theaters on October 28. If you missed it, it’s available on Amazon Prime and other VOD …

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Photo art of a crucifix wraped in an American flag

Shoved down our throats

Christian nationalism threatens to establish dominion in the United States–over reproductive rights, sexual intimacy, access to birth/health control, and privacy. In fact, over our very bodies. It promotes a warped equivalence between God and the worship of guns, including the unapologetic unfettered access to them. It erodes the separation between church and state, threatening religious …

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Politics of Abortion: An American Entertainment

Today millions of women, including an increasing number in the United States, have no real access to clinical abortions and resort to home abortions with pills provided by organizations such as Rebecca Gomperts’ Women on Web located in Amsterdam. Anti-abortion protagonists have again raised their ‘battle cry.’ It wasn’t too successful last time around in …

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