Doc Snippets

On a recent event at UCLA, the 43rd Congress of the Romanian Academy of Arts and Sciences, I was invited by its Interim President, Prof. Ileana Costea, to speak about what I do as an architect-filmmaker. I decided to edit “an extended trailer” of selected segments from my films. I called it “Doc Snippets.” Beyond …

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As We Saw It – Part 6: Berlin 2 – Shifting Art Bits

Berlin is home to hundreds of galleries and art museums that boast unparalleled collections. For the ambitious artist, this city is overflowing with opportunities for installations and exhibitions that could help put their work on the map. In fact, it is often the case that artists first gained notoriety in Berlin before moving to other …

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The Vibrancy of Weimar Berlin

WEIMAR SUBJECTIVITY AFTER THE FIRST WORLD WAR As a Russian Jew, I often thought why I always associated Berlin with Nazism and Communism.  There was clearly a bias. Now, I have a new opinion.  Having gone on extensive walking tours of Berlin with a cultural studies-history-professor-lecturer from the American University of Paris—wherein he narrated to …

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