O’Neill in the Time of COVID

Transposing classic plays into modern eras has been an accepted theatrical technique for quite a while now. Moving these timeless works into a contemporary setting can illuminate their universal themes and bring insight to current issues. But these time-warp productions have mostly been for Shakespearean texts. Few more recent classics have switched time frames, probably …

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Ode to the Variants

“Delta! You’re killing us, haha, but who’s laughing, well, I just did. The unvaxxed horror — it’s otherwise too much

Not for Epsilon, he’s up next, then Zeta, Eta, Theta … a red state transmogrification, a death cult mortification of the flesh”

Life Throughout Quarantine

The unpredictable has become the new norm. Life throughout quarantine was once unimaginable: working from home, virtual calls instead of in-person communication, and finding pure amusements without boredom seeking. As things are slowly progressing back to simpler times, it’s hard to imagine life unfolding again. My quarantine began similar to everyone else’s– perplexed. The transition …

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Voyeur: Street Theater in the Time of COVID

COVID vaccinations are ramping up and restrictions are beginning to loosen, but variant strains threaten another pandemic surge. Thus the reopening of Broadway and Off-Broadway theaters is still months away, probably the fall of 2021 at the earliest. However, a group of New York theater artists have cleverly circumvented the virus with an innovative event …

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Ashley Baguio: “Springtime on Spring Street”

A crisp morning in Downtown Los Angeles. February chills with sunny skies invaded my senses as we walked toward The Gerry Building. The building with rounded corners and curves on Los Angeles Street​. Guarded with security on the outside and a checklist to let you through its glass doors. LA’s house of fashion since 1946. …

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