Giving Pastels the Respect They Deserve

Pastel drawings have always been considered a secondary art form, not as versatile or durable as oil paintings or frescoes, not as “important,” something more suitable perhaps for the amusement of women of leisure. Now an elegant new exhibition at the Legion of Honor Museum in San Francisco seeks to change those perceptions. Color Into …

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The Third Line

Foreword If a Haiku is the written record of the conscious experience of self in situation and of “pure awareness” of the moment, a sketch can be considered as the drawing equivalent. This piece aims at connecting the drawing to the writing, the first having preceded the second in providing what Allen Ginsberg has described …

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In the morning, I wake to the sounds of a curdling scream. I wake with an intake of breath that I can’t release until I know where I am. Inside, I start the usual mantra, Please, please don’t let this be mom’s house. I’m awake. I’m at home with my husband. This isn’t my childhood. …

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Michelangelo Drawings At The Getty

Editor’s Note: This exhibition was reviewed before The Getty closed due to coronavirus. When in the presence of genius, you know it! This exhibition of Michelangelo’s drawings presents  a collection of his drawings from the Teylers Museum, Haarlem, the Netherlands supplemented with drawings from the Cleveland Museum and the J.Paul Getty Museum. It provides a …

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